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White Tongue Blues: Get Your Tongue Back To A Healthy Color

You want your tongue to look pink, as it should. But you just don't know how to get rid of that white film that you see. The following tips will help diagnose the problem and get rid of the coating.

What Is That White Coating?

The white coating is not only unsightly; it is also associated with a constant bitter taste in your mouth, along with bad breath. The white tongue phenomenon usually occurs for the following  2 reasons:

  • The white coating is usually food debris, bacteria or dead cells that are stuck on your tongue. 
  • The particles get lodged in place because the papillae on your tongue are inflamed. Your papillae can be inflamed due to smoking, excessive drinking, fever, dry mouth or even dehydration. 

Remember to stay away from sugary or acidic foods should you have this white coating, as they will propel the issue. As your dentist has probably told you, bacteria flourish in an acidic environment and they feed on sugary foods. 

How to Remove The Coating

The following are a few steps you can take to get rid of the problem:

  1. You should do your best to talk to your dental professional, like those at Dental Clinic Of Onalaska DDS. This problem is usually associated with an overgrowth of oral pathogens. These pathogens are causing acidic damage on your tongue and teeth as well. 
  2. Try scrubbing your tongue with sea salt twice a day. Sea salt is slightly abrasive and should help lift some of the bacteria, food debris, and dead cells off your tongue. Another good thing is that sea salt has a high pH value. This pH value should neutralize the acidic nature of the bacteria in your mouth. 
  3. Drink enough water, stop smoking and stop drinking if you do so.
  4. Eat and drink more probiotic rich liquids and foods like fermented products. Probiotics are good bacteria that feed on bad bacteria, like the ones that are coating your tongue.
  5. Should fever be the cause of your white tongue, then all you have to do is get better. 

The aforementioned should help you get rid of that coating. But what if it does not work? 

At this point only your dentist can help. The issue could be rooted in something more serious, and your dentist can help you diagnose the problem. You could have a full blown candida infection on your oral cavity, or you may be suffering from an oral thrush.