False Teeth - Making the Right Choices

Three Specialists To See For A Spectacular Selfie

Do you hate selfies because you don't like your smile? If so, here are three kinds of specialists that can improve your smile so much you'll be posting your selfie everywhere on the Internet.


If your crooked teeth keep you from smiling, you might want to see how an orthodontist can help you. If you are reluctant to see an orthodontist because all you can think about is the horrors of getting silver wiring glued to your teeth, you'll be happy to know there are many options available to help you get straighter teeth. Some of these options include:

  • Ceramic braces - the brackets are the same color as the tooth or are clear so they are less noticeable
  • Lingual braces - the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than the outside
  • Invisalign - these aligners are made from clear plastic and can be removed and replaced

The great thing about braces is that it's never too late to get them. Even if you're 40 and want to post a great selfie that shows off your beautiful smile, braces can be an option.

Cosmetic Dentist

If you are self-conscious of your smile because you drink too much coffee or soda and your teeth are not bright white as a result, a cosmetic dentist will be able to help. While there are many home remedies that promise to give you whiter teeth, going to a cosmetic dentist is recommended, as they use the safest products on the market. Cosmetic dentists also offer services where you can get whiter teeth in a shorter amount of time than by using home remedies.

According to the American Dental Association, if you do decide to use a bleaching product at home, you should consult your regular dentist first, especially if you have a lot fillings, crowns or dark stains. If you want to show off your dazzling white smile in a selfie, a cosmetic dentist can make it happen safely, effectively and in a timely manner.


When it comes to having a beautiful smiles and gorgeous teeth, a prosthodontist can help you with both. They specialize in replacing lost teeth and can do so by many different means including crowns, bridges, dentures or dental implants. If you've lost a tooth or teeth due to trauma, decay or age, a prosthodontist can help you get your smile back.

Whether you need to get a tooth replaced, have your teeth whitened or get your crooked teeth fixed, one thing is for sure - you'll be taking spectacular selfies in no time.