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Three Types Of Food To Skip To Improve Your Oral Health

Although many people link the diet they follow with their physical health, it's also important to think about how the foods and drinks you put in your body impact the health of your teeth. By avoiding certain foods, it's possible to lessen your risk of certain oral health issues and impress your dentist during your next checkup. You already know that eating too many sugary products can be detrimental to your oral health, but by making a handful of other simple changes, you'll have an extra reason to smile. Here are some dietary areas on which you should focus.

High-Acid Foods

The acidity of several foods can upset some peoples' stomachs, but a broader concern is the detrimental role they can play in the health of your teeth. When you frequently consume acidic foods such as lemons, tomatoes and red wine, the acid in these products can slowly eat through the enamel coating on your teeth, leaving your pearly whites susceptible to cavities. Other fruits in the citrus family, such as oranges and limes, as well as canned goods including pickles, can also be highly acidic. No one's suggesting that you should never again enjoy a tomato or an orange. It's ideal, however, to ensure that you drink a glass of water and brush your teeth soon after enjoying these foods.

Dried Fruit

Dried prunes, apricots and apple rings provide plenty of fiber and offer a sweet snack that doesn't have to be refrigerated, but the chewiness of these foods is a cause for concern. Such products can easily coat your teeth and become tightly wedged in the tiny crevices between them. It's ideal to reduce your intake of these foods and enjoy fresh fruit instead. Fresh fruit provides myriad nutritional benefits and doesn't have the same sticky quality as its dried counterparts. If you do partake in dried fruit, brushing your teeth and flossing after your snack is especially important.

Junk Food

Sure, you're aware that sugary junk food such as ice cream and soda are detrimental to your oral health, but other products commonly found in fast food restaurants are also problematic. For starters, many products that don't outwardly taste sweet, including burgers and fries, contain sugar and have a starchy nature that coats your teeth. Additionally, because these products are largely devoid of any nutritional value, they can stress your body. When you don't get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals from your diet, your immune system will have a tougher time protecting you from gum disease. The simplest solution is to limit your intake of junk food—for your oral health and overall health.

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