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Crafts To Do With Your Removed Wisdom Teeth

When you get your wisdom teeth out, unless they were impacted and splintered, your oral surgeon will likely give them to you in a small container to take home as a souvenir. If you have these souvenirs of wisdom teeth removal, you might be wondering what on earth you are going to do with them. Fear not, because there are some really cool craft ideas that you can do with up to four wisdom teeth. If you are able to get more wisdom teeth from your friends, your possibilities are limitless.

1. Work Them Into a Piece of Jewelry

It's very easy to work even just a single, un-impacted tooth into a piece of jewelry. If you want to put your teeth on a necklace or a bracelet, then all you have to do is take a tiny drill and drill a hole right through the tooth so that you can thread a string through it. One or more teeth are great additions to a necklace of other found objects. They can also be made into charms by threading the hole that you drilled with a small piece of metal that you can attach to a charm bracelet.

If you want to turn your tooth into a ring, go to a craft store and purchase a small, metal, circular disk that is large enough to frame your tooth. Also pick up a plain metal ring that is the same color as the disk that you purchased. Take a hot glue gun and glue the tooth to the disk. Let the glue dry. Once the glue is dry, solder the small metal disk onto the ring. Glue tiny seed beads around the tooth if you have enough room or the inclination. Otherwise, your ring is completed.

If you don't have a hot glue gun or a soldering iron, you can contact a craftsperson online to see if they would be willing to make your ring for you.

2. Add Them to Bobby Pins

Another idea is to embellish plain bobby pins with them. You can take a hot glue gun and attach feathers or other, larger accessories to the bobby pins. On top of these larger accessories, hot glue your tooth or teeth to the pin. For extra style, dip your tooth or teeth in regular glue and then dip them in glitter before attaching them to the bobby pin.

Look online for more craft ideas or crafters who would be willing to take your teeth and make a custom project for you.