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Two Dental Bridge Questions Addressed

The condition of your smile is a major factor in determining both your appearance and ability to speak. Unfortunately, tooth damage can eventually result in you losing one or more teeth, and when this happens, it can create serious functional and aesthetic problems. For those that have found themselves missing a tooth, it is important to understand that a dental bridge can be a viable corrective procedure. However, those that are inexperienced with these dental treatments may benefit from learning a couple of answers to common questions.

How Is A Bridge Installed?

A dental bridge is essentially one or more artificial teeth that are attached and anchored to other teeth. For most patients, it will be possible to attach the bridge to the surrounding healthy teeth. This is done by filling the top of the tooth down and placing a crown over it. This crown has a special attachment that can securely hold the bridge.

Unfortunately, some people may not have healthy teeth to anchor the bridge, and when this is the case, it may be necessary to install dental implants. These implants will be inserted into the jawbone, and while receiving implants to get a bridge may seem excessive, it can be the only viable way of restoring your smile.

Will A Bridge Be Uncomfortable To Wear?

There is another common concern among patients that a dental bridge will be extremely uncomfortable to wear. While it may take you a few days to get used to having this in your mouth, you should expect to eventually adjust to the sensation of wearing it.

A small portion of patients may start to develop gum irritation as a result of the bridge rubbing against the sensitive gum tissue. In most cases, this irritation should pass within a couple of days, but if it continues, it could indicate that the bridge is pressing too firmly against the gums. When this irritation does not quickly subside, you should return to your dentist to avoid experiencing serious gum damage. Severe gum irritation can make infections and other complications more likely, but a simple adjustment can help to reduce this irritation.

Losing a tooth is a problem that many adults will have to address at some point during their lives. To this end, it is important to understand that this issue does not have to cause your appearance to be permanently ruined. By understanding that dental bridges can be an affordable, effective and durable option for repairing missing teeth, you will be better able to keep your smile looking great.