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Relief From Toothaches

You should have some toothache remedies on hand, so you can get fast relief when one of your teeth starts to hurt. Always put in a phone call to your dentist for the soonest appointment first. Then you can use one or more of the remedies to help you to feel better while you wait to get in. This article will offer you some great remedies you can use at home.

Acupressure can take away a toothache

The nerve ending for your teeth is right in the webbing of your hand, where the index finger and thumb come together. Use one hand to grab this area on the other hand. Use your thumb and index finger to apply pressure and move in a small circular motion. This should help to take away some of the pain.

Myrrh can reduce tooth pain

Rinsing with some myrrh will help an aching tooth feel better. To do this, simmer about a tablespoon of myrrh in a couple of cups of water. Strain the myrrh out of the water and set the water aside to cool down before using it. Once it is cool enough that it won't burn your mouth, you can rinse your mouth with it.

A cold compress can give you relief

You can hold a cold compress gently against the outside of your mouth to take away some of the pain. This will also help to alleviate some of the inflammation as well. For more relief, try biting on a small piece of ice gently. As long as you don't have an exposed nerve, this can bring a good amount of relief.

Gum can be used for relief when you lose a filling

If you have lost a filling and the pain is a result of this, you can use sugarless gum to get relief. Carefully chew the gum until it is soft, then break off enough to fit in the space left from the lost filling. By pushing the gum into this space, you will get some relief from the pain caused by tooth sensitivity caused from having that area of the tooth exposed.

Exercising can help your tooth feel better

If you aren't generally a regular exerciser, then doing so when you have a toothache can help. Exercising will release endorphins, and these are your natural pain relievers. For this reason, going on a quick walk, riding a bike or even going for a swim can help you feel better. Contact a company like Suncoast Dental Center for more information.