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6 Things To Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

If you want to have the brightest smile, you may need to whiten your teeth occasionally. This can enable you to get rid of discolored teeth that may distract from your overall appearance. Teeth whitening can be an ideal way to boost your self-confidence and help you feel better about yourself. However, there are specific things you should know before beginning this process.

Be aware of sensitivity

If you typically suffer from sensitive teeth, you may have to deal with this briefly while whitening your teeth.  One effective way to decrease this is to look for products that are designed for people with sensitive teeth.

No danger to tooth enamel

You may have heard that whitening your teeth can lead to damage to your enamel. However, there is no evidence that backs this claim if you simply whiten your teeth occasionally.

If you have any concerns about your enamel, be sure to address these with your dentist during your checkup.

Dental work won't be affected

Keep in mind that dental fillings or dental crowns won't be altered when you use teeth whiteners. Only you natural teeth will be whitened during this process.

Who shouldn't use whiteners?

There are certain individuals that should avoid using teeth whitening products. Young children that still have baby teeth should avoid using this product.

Additionally, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding your child, you will want to wait until you're done or have your baby before you begin to whiten your teeth.

Results are temporary

You may need to redo this process every few months if you want to keep your teeth as white as possible. Of course, the amount of coffee or tea you drink on a daily basis can have an impact on how frequently you will need to use teeth whitening products.

Do after a cleaning

The best time to work towards having whiter teeth is after a routine dental cleaning at your dental office. This is when your teeth are free of plaque, and the whitening products will work the hardest to provide the best results for you.

Taking care of your teeth is sure to be high on your priority list for the best dental health possible. Invest a bit of extra time by whitening your teeth as necessary for an improved smile. Be sure to consult with your dentist if you have additional questions about getting your teeth whiter today!