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Three Ways To Prime Teeth Before Getting Veneers

If you are thinking about getting veneers, you likely want the best possible look for your teeth. Before you get veneers from your cosmetic dentist, you should begin to prime your teeth properly. Making sure that you have the best possible foundation to work with will help your cosmetic dentistry in certain ways. You may find that some of your teeth do not need veneers, which will save you money. Having white teeth beforehand will also make your veneers look more natural. Here are three ways to prime your teeth before you get veneers. 

Get braces or start a retainer regimen

If you have any issues with your teeth being straight, you may also have issues with veneers. It is best to straighten your teeth as much as possible before getting any veneers. If you have tooth gaps or if your teeth are crooked, straighten your teeth with a plastic retainer. Keep in mind that spring loaded retainers will scratch or break the veneers. Once your teeth are properly straightened, you can seek out veneers. Remember to keep a retainer to wear to stop teeth from shifting. 

Whiten your teeth to the optimal shade

When you get veneers, you will want to get them to match your current tooth shade. Since veneers will not whiten over time, you want to make sure that your teeth are a nice shade that you will keep long-term. Start professional whitening several months before you go to have veneers. If you whiten and straighten your teeth, you may be able to figure out which teeth should be covered by veneers and which teeth do not need to be properly covered. 

Find a no shave veneer dentist

Some cosmetic dentists will shave down your teeth before they put veneers on your teeth. Before you get any veneers created for your teeth, you should find a dentist who will agree to not shave your teeth at all. Not shaving your teeth means that you can take off the veneers later on or even replace the veneers more easily. Shaving the teeth also weakens them, as teeth are bones. If your family has a history of tooth, mouth, or gum issues, especially during aging, it is best to leave your teeth in the best possible condition so that you do not encounter issues as you get older. 

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