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The Steps for Creating a Cosmetic Dental Treatment Plan

A cosmetic dental treatment plan is the way to ensure a beautiful cosmetic result, something which is long-lasting as much as it is conservative and simple. This treatment plan might be a simple process related to teeth whitening or a more complex one, involving crowns and implants. Here are the steps involved in creating a cosmetic dental plan based on the requirements of the patient and existing health condition.


This is the first step of the treatment when the patient and the dentist interact. Based on the problems or requirements of the patient, the most effective procedure is determined for the patient. The patient might need just one treatment or a number of combination treatments. The outline of the treatment plan is prepared and the patient is advised on the procedures to follow, the timeline involved, and also the cost for the treatment.

In-Depth Mouth Records

Once the treatment plan is determined and the patient is advised, certain procedures begin. This involves X-rays, impressions, scans, examinations, bite analysis, and more. In this step, the main objective of the dentist is to take in-depth records of the mouth and carry out a detailed and functional dental examination. Based on the results, further course of treatment is devised.

Identification of Treatment Areas:

With the different results of examinations, a brief plan is prepared about the nature of the treatment. Urgent treatment is recommended in certain cases so that progression of diseases or major decay is prevented. This is started quite quickly. Short term treatment helps in building overall health and has the main motive of functional improvement of teeth or gum health. Long term treatment is the continuation of the above two steps, and it delivers strong and healthy teeth for life. Many conditions can be primarily cosmetic but have secondary health benefits as well. 

Presentation of Personalized Dental Plan:

Based on the problem areas, treatment plans and the specific requirements of the individual - personalized dental plan is presented. This plan has the details of the suggested treatment procedure that is needed, primarily focused on improving the health condition of the mouth or even the appearance of smile.  One of the most common services availed includes tooth color restorations, dental veneers, teeth whitening procedures, gum lifts, dental implants and porcelain bridges and crowns. Cosmetic dentistry is all about the perfect blend of modern dental science with great creativity and vision.