False Teeth - Making the Right Choices

Basic Dental Healthcare Myths

In order for you to be able to effectively care for your oral health, you must avoid letting some oral healthcare myths prevent you from making informed choices. This may seem difficult for those that know little about dental issues and treatments, so here are several myths that are particularly common.

Myth: Severe Dental Issues Will Always Cause You To Experience Extreme Pain

Patients will frequently be under the assumption that serious dental problems will always result in extreme pain or other discomforts. Yet, there are some problems that may cause little to no discomfort. Often, this can be due to the condition damaging or completely killing the nerve to the tooth. These issues can be particularly dangerous because patients may not fully realize the extent of their problem until complications occur.

Myth: Symptoms Of Dental Problems Will Be Confined To Your Mouth

While the majority of the symptoms that are associated with dental problems will occur in the mouth, there are some that may seem unrelated to dental issues. For example, it can be possible for individuals to suffer from neck pain or fever as a result of severe cavities, gum disease, or other sources of infection. When visiting your dentist you should let them know of any unusual symptoms as they will be able to help you determine whether it may be related to your dental issue.

Myth: There Are No Reliable Tooth Replacement Options

Losing a tooth does not have to permanently alter your appearance. Yet, patients that suffer from this type of problem may not be aware of the various options that can be used. One of the most reliable and durable will be dental implants. These implants are able to permanently fuse to the bones in the mouth, which can provide a solid foundation for an artificial tooth to be attached. While this may be more expensive than dentures, bridges, or other solutions, it can allow you to greatly reduce the risk of your replacement tooth breaking or coming loose.

Dental care myths can lead individuals to make serious mistakes when it comes to caring for their teeth and gums. When patients are misled by false information, they may contribute to their issues greatly worsening and causing complications. Appreciating that there are serious dental problems that may not cause intense pain, that dental problems can cause seemingly unrelated symptoms, and the fact that dental implants can be among the most reliable tooth replacement options should help you with keep your smile looking great.

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