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A Comparison Of Metal And Ceramic Braces

If you or your child are looking to get braces, you may be trying to figure out which type is ideal for you. Most people either select metal braces or ceramic braces. Both types of braces include brackets that are used to shift your teeth over time, giving you a straighter smile. But while the basic premise behind both types of braces is the same, there are some key differences between the two. Here is a brief comparison of metal and ceramic braces. 


One of the major differences between metal and ceramic braces is the appearance of the braces themselves. When you think of braces, you often think of silver brackets that are worn on the teeth. These are metal braces. Ceramic braces are made from a white ceramic material, which helps the braces to blend in with your teeth. This makes them less noticeable. More adults prefer ceramic braces because they don't want noticeable metal braces on their teeth. If you are self-conscious about wearing braces, ceramic ones may be a good option for you. 


Both metal and ceramic braces are fairly durable. However, metal has the edge over ceramic braces when it comes to durability. Ceramic braces can stain easier than metal braces and they can chip or crack if you eat foods you are not supposed to or begin to miss orthodontic appointments. If you are worried about durability, metal may be the way to go. 


One of the lesser known differences between metal and ceramic braces is the irritation factor. Wearing metal braces can irritate the gums of the wearer. They can scratch or scrape up the inside of the lip and gum area. Ceramic braces are smoother and less abrasive, which causes less irritation to the wearer. Those who are concerned with irritation, or those who know they are sensitive to metal, may benefit from ceramic braces. 


The last key difference between metal and ceramic braces is the cost. Braces are not cheap, and as such, you may find yourself not wanting to pay any more than you absolutely have to for braces. Metal braces are cheaper than ceramic braces. As such, those on a budget may wish to go with metal braces. 

Metal and ceramic braces can help to give you or your child the straighter smile you are after. If you are not sure which is the better option for you, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist at a clinic like Eberting Orthodontics. They can listen to your preferences, take a look at your teeth, and keep your budget in mind, all while helping to guide you toward the braces that are ideal for you.