False Teeth - Making the Right Choices


If you are an adult looking into orthodontic care for crooked teeth, you need not look any further than Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign aligners are clear plastic retainers that are shaped to fit your teeth. These small guides help the retainers to stay in place and straighten teeth, all while being nearly invisible. In order for Invisalign to be effective, the retainers must stay in one's mouth, straightening their teeth, for around 21 hours a day. That means that individuals are allowed to take them out for about an hour surrounding each meal they consume. Invisalign is a wonderful solution for anyone who is seeking straighter teeth but is not wanting to have a metal mouth full of orthodontia. 

As an adult looking into getting Invisalign braces, you may have a lot of questions. Is it worth the investment? Will it be effective? Will people notice? Some of these questions will best be answered by your orthodontist who can discuss the specific price for your treatment along with how much time your teeth will require. Invisalign is a very personal science that will be different for each person. Some may only need a few teeth straightened, which will require the retainers for just a few months and the treatment as a whole may be cheaper than for someone who requires major orthodontic correction.

In order to help with your decision, here are a few perks that come along with Invisalign, as explained by those who have gone through the process.

Improved Confidence

Do not underestimate the confidence that can be found in a straight smile. This improved confidence may be just the key to your career or romantic relationships.

Improved Oral Hygiene

As previously stated, retainers must be worn for around 21 hours a day to be effective. That being said, you are not allowed to eat or snack at all while retainers are in use. You may drink water, but that's about it. This is actually a perk of clear braces since it can help you curb your eating habits (with no or little snacking), and it also improves your oral hygiene. It is recommended that in order to eat, you remove the retainers, eat your meal, and then brush and floss. Repeat this process three times a day for the best dental health of your life. 

Teeth Whitening

Once treatment has finished, straightening retainers double as a whitening tray. One simply needs to buy the whitening gel and apply it liberally to have perfectly straight, white teeth.