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Dealing With A Loose Baby Tooth: Tips For Removal Without Fear Or Pain

Those baby teeth are going to come out at some point, for some little ones, they are excited to lose a tooth, but there are a few children that fear it will hurt. This can cause anxiety and possibly oral health issues if the tooth is not coming out. Most times the tool will eventually fall out on its own, but if it stays in too long, there is a chance for infection or even discoloration of the tooth if it stays in too long. Read on for tips to help deal with loose baby teeth that can help with anxiety issues.

Stay Positive

Stay positive about losing a tooth. Don't talk about pain at all, bleeding, or other things that may scare your child. This is not going to make your child attempt to get the tooth out any quicker and may cause even more anxiety or fear. Stay positive when talking about losing a tooth and talk about the good things about losing a tooth such as that losing a tooth means they are becoming a big kid and that an adult tooth will come in its place. Talk about the tooth fairy and how a treat will be left for them once the tooth is out. Talking about the pain associated with losing a tooth, about how it may be difficult to eat afterward, or about how they will look funny with a missing tooth is not helpful.

Create A Tooth Fairy Pillow Or Case

Have your child help you make a case or pillow for the tooth to go into once it's out so that the tooth fairy can find the tooth easily and leave a treat behind. Come up with something creative that your child can help you with. Have your child add their own creativity and ideas to the project. This may get your child excited enough that they aren't even thinking about their fears of losing a tooth any longer.

Read A Book

Read a book about losing a tooth or about the tooth fairy to your child. Books such as "Bear's Loose Tooth", or "Pete The Cat and The Lost Tooth" are both great books to read with your child about losing a tooth. Sometimes reading books with characters your child can relate to can be helpful in easing fears.

Some children are excited about losing a tooth, while others are a bit more apprehensive. Be patient with your child and don't attempt to rip the tooth out for them, as it could be a bit traumatic. Try using the tips above, and talk to your dentist about other tips. And if your child's tooth is having problems coming out on its own or if you think there may be a cause for concern visit a family dentist like one at Sun Dental about the loose tooth.