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Are Invisible Braces Less Painful Than Standard Braces?

Whether you've had regular braces before or know someone who has, you might have heard that they can be painful. Unfortunately, this can be true at times. So if you're considering getting invisible braces and are wondering if you'll suffer the same fate with those, read this simple guide to find out how much better invisible braces can be in this regard.

Subtle Adjustments

There's actually a fairly big difference between the way that standard braces are adjusted and invisible braces are used. Standard braces are adjusted on a regular basis - monthly, or every other month, depending on your needs. When they're adjusted, you head into the orthodontist's office to have them tightened. This adjustment is made to last you for the next one to two months, but as a result, it can be quite uncomfortable for the first few days.

In comparison, invisible braces take a more gradual path. Invisible braces are made of a softer material than traditional hard metal braces, so they gradually transition between stages. This means that when you put on a new set of invisible braces, it won't be pushing or pulling on your teeth as hard as it would if you were getting standard braces adjusted.

You Can Take Them Off

Standard braces are tough to get through because you have to put up with them, no matter what. If your dentist tightens them and you're uncomfortable, the best you can hope for is to take some pain medication and wait for it to stop.

While you need to wear your invisible braces as much as possible for maximum effects, it is possible to take them off when you're uncomfortable. This allows you to take short breaks to relax, wait for the medication to kick in, or to just give yourself a miniature break from it. Then you can put them back on after your medication has taken effect, reducing any discomfort dramatically.

No Rubbing

Lastly, sometimes the discomfort from traditional metal braces isn't from tightening them at all. Instead, the pain might be because of their tendency to rub on the inside of your lips and cheeks.

Metal braces are rough in texture and can be painful to deal with at times. This is why braces wax is often recommended to help reduce discomfort, but it can be sticky and hard to work with, especially when you need to eat. In comparison, invisible braces are thinner than standard braces and are made of a softer plastic, so they won't rub or irritate the inside of your mouth.

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