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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Teeth Whitening Training

If you manage a dental office, you want to look for ways to grow your business and improve your staff's expertise in the field. An easy way to attract more patients with your services — and improve your dental auxiliaries' skillset — is by investing in teeth whitening training courses. Here are three reasons why these courses can be so beneficial.

Whitening Courses Easily Fulfill C.E. Credits

According to the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), dental assistants need to earn continuing education (C.E.) credits each year to maintain their certification. C.E. credits are a great way for your dental staff to expand their skillset. However, some C.E. credits may be harder to fill because they may require lengthy time commitments, dental conference visits, or in-person classes. Whitening courses are an easy way to fulfill C.E. credits because they can often be taken online and the coursework is flexible. Employees may appreciate an investment in these courses for their C.E. credits because of their convenience.

Whitening Courses Can Include Marketing Training

Besides teaching students how to safely whiten teeth, many whitening courses offer cosmetic marketing training. To remain profitable, dental practices need to have the ability to successfully promote their business. Because dental providers' focus is on providing health services, marketing can often fall to the wayside or to outsourcing. With whitening training, you can cut out the middleman; these courses will teach your assistants how to effectively market whitening products and other cosmetic products.

Whitening Courses Help You Expand Your Cosmetic Services

DentistryIQ says that even when people's budgets are tight, they still are willing to splurge on cosmetic services like whitening since at-home kits are easy to use and affordable. Patients are also willing to pay for whitening because about 99.7% of adults view their smiles as important assets in their social life and for their career success.

If you and your staff take whitening courses, you'll be able to not only offer in-office whitening, but you can offer at-home whitening products that your patients can purchase as well. You can set yourself apart from other offices, which may not offer cosmetic services. By expanding your cosmetic dentistry services, you'll have a better chance of attracting new patients and increasing your office's income. You could even offer free whitening treatments for patient referrals, which can help with patient retention.

Reach out to a health provider of online teeth whitening courses to learn more about what these classes entail and how they can benefit your business.