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Six Mistakes That Could Cause You Problems if You Have a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can be great options for replacing a missing or severely damaged tooth. However, you need to care for crowns properly in order to keep them in good shape for a long time. Unfortunately, patients sometimes make common mistakes that can eventually worsen the condition of their dental crowns.

The following are six mistakes that could cause you problems if you have a dental crown. 

Failing to use a nightguard if you have an issue with teeth grinding

Those who grind their teeth while sleeping could inadvertently damage their crowns. If you have a tendency to grind your teeth at night, it may be important to start using a nightguard once you have crowns put in place so you can protect your crowns. 

Not coming in to see your dentist often enough

It's always important to come to see your dentist as often as recommended for cleanings and check-ups. However, it's especially important to come in for appointments if you have crowns put in.

During your appointment, your dentist will check to make sure that your crowns are working properly and don't need to be replaced or repaired in some way. 

Eating foods that are very chewy or crunchy

You might want to make some changes to your diet after you get crowns. By taking crunchy or chewy foods out of your diet, you can help protect your crowns from becoming damaged. 

Having bad habits like nail-biting

Patients with a habit of chewing on items like their nails or pens need to break these bad habits. Otherwise, they could accidentally damage their crowns. Biting down on any hard items like these could easily cause a crown to break or come loose. 

Eating and drinking substances known to stain teeth

It's always important to be careful about drinking substances like red wine and black coffee that are known for staining teeth. However, it's especially important to take it easy when you have crowns. Crowns can be particularly susceptible to staining and difficult to make white again after a stain has had some time to set in. 

Neglecting to have a crown fixed right away when you notice issues like discomfort

You don't want to procrastinate having a dentist look at a crown if it has started irritating you. Make sure you let your dentist know about any issues you're experiencing with your crown. Damage or pain related to your crown will probably get worse if you don't have your dentist address the issue promptly. 

For more information about dental crowns, contact a local dental office, such as Dr Taylors Family Dental Center, to learn more.