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Five Types Of Dentists And What They Specialize In

When looking for a dentist to schedule your consultation, which type of dentists do you consider? There are different kinds of dentists, each with a unique specialization in an oral health condition. Here are the five popular dentists you're likely to come across.

General Dentist

A general dentist is a term for anyone who graduates from dental school. This dentist is qualified to handle various dentistry procedures like root canals and extractions. Their duty is mainly preventive dental care.

General dentists also emphasize oral care like teeth whitening services. You're likely to run into general dentists more often than specialists. Despite being general practitioners and treating most diseases, when need be, they'll refer you to a specialist.


This type of dentist focuses on dental problems with your gums, tissues, or bones. A periodontist focuses on how to prevent and treat any disease that affects your teeth's supporting structure. Additionally, a periodontist also specializes in promoting optimal functionality and better health of the soft tissue structure in your mouth. 


Several decades ago, an orthodontist would only deal with braces and teeth straightening. Currently, an orthodontist also deals with dentofacial procedures to correct a malocclusion. According to the mouth structure, the teeth are shaped to bite using the front teeth and chew using the back teeth. If your teeth aren't correctly set, the structure can wear out and cause neck or jaw problems.

Bad bites are also common with crowded teeth or poorly aligned teeth. When dealing with these issues, an orthodontist can help. They use appliances that can help the teeth patterns and set them in an ideal position. Consider seeking the services of an orthodontist early, especially for children.

Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist is a dentist who exclusively treats young children and adolescents. A pediatric dentist focuses on treating young patients. Since they're involved with your children at a young age, they instill proper oral and dental health care practices.

A pediatric dentist is the best option if you need a kid-friendly approach to handling your child's oral health needs. Besides, they can treat your child from a young age until they become teenagers. Thus, offering convenience and reliability.


When looking to get a root canal, seek the services of an endodontist. An endodontist specializes in dealing with periradicular tissues and tooth pulp. An endodontist offers a way to ensure the tooth remains alive in your mouth. Thus, they're well trained in procedures like root canals.

Depending on your current oral health needs, you can identify the best dentist for you from the five discussed above. For more information, contact a dental clinic in your area, such as Promenade Center for Dentistry.