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3 Dental Care Services Your General Dentist Offers

Booking routine dental care visits with your dentist is the surefire way of maintaining proper dental hygiene. You give the physician an opportunity to address arising oral care issues before they get out of hand. 

To be more hands-on when it comes to your oral health, it helps to find out the services to expect from your general dentist. This way, you always know what you're in for when you visit the general dentist's office. Keep reading to discover three dental care services your general dentist offers.

1. Fillings

When you develop cavities due to tooth decay, a solution is to let a dentist fill in the gaps to prevent further hollowing of your teeth. Dentists also conduct tooth filling procedures to repair fractured teeth so that the cracks don't extend further. An indication that you might need tooth filling is persistent toothache despite routinely brushing your teeth. You might be missing a cavity or cracks that could have injured your nerves which then results in excruciating pain.

When you consult your general dentist about your recurring toothache, they examine your teeth under X-ray to narrow down to the root of the problem. A thorough examination is crucial because your physician needs an accurate diagnosis to provide a lasting solution for the pain. Once they identify the problematic teeth, they'll numb your gums before proceeding with the procedure. In case there is decayed tissue in your tooth, the dentist will carefully remove it before filling the cavity to ensure your tooth doesn't continue decaying.

2. Dental Crown Installation

The second procedure you can expect from your general dentist is a dental crown installation which is done when repairing damaged teeth. If you break off parts of your teeth during an accident, artificial tooth crowns will be used to replace your natural teeth to maintain your physical appearance and a functional set of teeth.

Dental crowns are also used to replace teeth that have completely disintegrated due to decay and cannot be salvaged by filling them up. This dental procedure allows you to restore your original teeth without having to extract the damaged teeth.

3. Tooth Extractions

Last but not least, you can visit your general dentist's office for tooth extractions. When the nerves in your teeth sustain severe damage, the only way to put an end to the excruciating pain is to extract the affected teeth.

This is to ensure you don't have exposed nerves that are always signaling you to attend to the affected teeth. Your general dentist will pull off the affected teeth, careful not to leave a piece of it in your gums which can result in gum infections.

Now that you know more about dentistry, don't hesitate to visit a clinic, such as Precision Smile Dentistry, when you need dental care.