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4 Signs Your Child Isn't Taking Good Care Of Their Braces

While your child might have agreed to take good care of their teeth and braces before their treatment started, they might not have stuck with the program. Some kids find it hard to get into the right routine and stick with it until their braces come off.

If you aren't convinced that your child is taking their responsibilities seriously, then look for signs that they aren't cleaning their teeth and braces well. How can you tell if they might have a problem?

1. Their Teeth And Braces Look Fuzzy

Kids don't always clean their teeth all that well when they wear braces. They have to take extra care here not to damage their braces, but they need to clean all their teeth and their braces thoroughly at the same time.

If your child isn't brushing right, then you'll see it in their smile. You might be able to see signs of plaque fuzziness on their teeth and braces.

2. They Have Food In Their Braces

Your child should clean food off their teeth and in between them. They should also make sure to get food off their brace wires and brackets.

If you can see food stuck in or around your child's braces, then they aren't doing a good job. If these particles aren't removed, then they can damage their teeth.

3. Their Gums Bleed

Braces sometimes make the gums sensitive. While this sensitivity typically goes as your child gets used to wearing their braces, it can lead to some problems.

For example, your child might avoid cleaning around their gum line if brushing these areas hurts. If they don't persevere, however, then their gums might start to bleed. If your child mentions that they have some bleeding, then they might simply need to brush more effectively.

4. They Have White Spots Around Their Brackets

If your child doesn't clean around their braces effectively, then they could end up with problems with some of their teeth. If food or sugars sit around or under brackets, then it can affect their enamel.

So, your child might have white calcification spots on their teeth. While your dentist can make these spots look better, they can't remove them. They cause permanent damage.

While you tend to see these spots at the end of a bracing treatment, you can sometimes see them around brackets while the braces are still on. If you see signs of calcification, then you need to talk to your orthodontist or dentist.

If your child isn't taking good care of their teeth or braces, then ask your dentist or orthodontist for advice. They can check their teeth and braces and help them get into better habits.

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