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The Advantages Of Porcelain Crowns And Why You Should Consider Getting Them

If you have damaged, decayed or misshapen teeth, your dentist may recommend dental crowns as a form of treatment. Crowns can be made from different materials, such as ceramic, acrylic, and metal alloys, but porcelain crowns have become popular for the many advantages they offer. You'll likely agree that porcelain is your best crown material choice after you've learned more about its benefits.

A Natural Look

If you don't want your dental work to look obvious, porcelain dental crowns can blend in well with the shapes and colors of your natural teeth. People who see you probably won't be able to tell that you have porcelain crowns since these crowns are made to match each tooth's natural color. In fact, your teeth might look even more natural with crowns if the tooth problems that are hidden by these crowns have drawn unwanted attention from onlookers.

Strong and Dependable

Porcelain is a tough material that doesn't crack or crumble easily, which makes it an excellent choice for dental crowns. Porcelain dental crowns often last around 10 years before they need replacing, but your crowns may last you longer and will possibly stay intact for life without ever having to be replaced or repaired. You can extend the life of your crowns for as long as possible if you remember to brush and floss regularly and avoid eating foods or chewing on hard objects that could damage the crowns.

Long-lasting Beauty

Even after several years, your porcelain crowns will probably still look beautiful and new. Porcelain is naturally resistant to stains and won't show coffee, wine, or other food and beverage stains as easily as your natural teeth might. The color of your crowns also won't likely fade and will still match the color of your natural teeth even after a prolonged time period.

Additional Teeth Protection

Like all other dental crowns, porcelain crowns are designed to protect teeth against further damage, but these particular crowns may do an even better job at safeguarding your teeth thanks to their highly durable material. If any of your damaged or decayed teeth are especially vulnerable to breakage when you're doing everyday activities like eating or brushing, you'll be able to perform your regular functions without having to worry as much about problems when you have porcelain crowns.

Porcelain dental crowns improve your overall dental health so that you can feel more confident about your smile and everyday functioning. Your dentist can provide you with more detailed information about porcelain dental crowns and help you decide if this treatment option will be your best choice.