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Top Factors To Help You Choose A CPAP Machine

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine delivers pressurized air to help you breathe. CPAP therapy is a common way of dealing with sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that interrupts your breathing while you sleep. Below are some factors that determine the best CPAP machine for you.

Your Lifestyle

CPAP machines have different features and functionalities suitable for different lifestyles. Evaluate your lifestyle to help you choose a suitable machine. For example:

  • Some CPAP machines are louder than others. Choose a relatively salient machine if you or your partner cannot sleep well in a noisy environment.
  • CPAP machines differ in size. Choose a relatively small one if you read at night and don't want the machine to obstruct your view.
  • CPAP machines are portable, but their different sizes mean some are more portable than others. Consider portability if you travel and sleep away from home a lot.

The above are just a few examples. Your dentist will evaluate your lifestyle and nighttime habits to help you choose the best CPAP machine for your case.

Your Sleeping Habits

You need a CPAP machine with the best fit possible if you move around a lot while sleeping. Otherwise, your movements might interfere with the machine's fit and air delivery. For example, some people prefer CPAP appliances that simply cover the nose due to their superior fit.

Your Breathing Habits

Breathing habits differ. For example, some people breathe through the nose, others through the mouth, and others through both the nose and the mouth. Choose a CPAP machine whose air delivery fits your breathing habits. For example, a CPAP machine covering the full face is ideal for those who breathe through their noses and mouths.


Like other appliances, CPAP machines come with different bells and whistles. Here are examples of such accessories:

  • A hose hanger that attaches the hose to the headboard and prevents its entanglement at night
  • Pads that increase the CPAP machine's comfort
  • Heated hoses that deliver moist air
  • Liners that reduce air leaks

Your budget, overall health, and preferences determine the accessories you should use. Note that some accessories might not work with all CPAP machines. Ensure compatibility with your CPAP machine before buying any accessories.

As you can see, multiple things determine the best CPAP for each person. The best way to get a good CPAP is to be candid with your dentist about your sleep apnea, lifestyle, and needs. That way, the dentist can help you get effective sleep apnea therapy.