A New Year, A New You And A New Smile: 4 Dental-Related New Year's Resolutions For 2017

The new year is just around the corner, so it's time to consider what New Year's resolutions you will be making this year. More often than not, people make resolutions about exercising more, losing weight and saving money. This year, though, why not try something a little different? How about you making New Year's resolutions that are related to improving your oral health? Here are four resolutions that will help you start down a path toward a healthier, brighter smile: [Read More]

You Got A Tooth Filling, And Now Tooth Sensitivty Will Not Go Away

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity and recently had a dental filling procedure? If so, you are likely wondering if there is an issue related to the procedure that is causing the sensitivity. You may even be wondering if the sensation you are feeling is normal. The following are a few things that you need to understand about the sensitivity and what else you may need to do or expect. Is it normal? [Read More]

What Is a Resin-Bonded Bridge—And Is This the Best Dental Replacement for You?

A dental bridge offers a way to replace one or two missing teeth without the long, expensive treatment process of dental implants. Your general or cosmetic dentistry specialist can advise you on the many different types of bridges available. One such type is the resin-bonded bridge, also called the Maryland bridge. The resin-bonded bridge has pros and cons that can help you and your dental professionals decide whether this is the right treatment for your case. [Read More]

Restoring Your Children's Teeth After A Horrible Accident: What To Expect

Tragic accidents happen to children just as easily as to adults. The long-term effects, however, are often longer-lasting. To help your child through a devastating accident will take time, and if he or she needs restorative dentistry as part of the healing process, he/she will need you even more. Cracked, shattered, lost teeth, and/or a busted jaw is incredibly painful, but your dentist can help. Here is what to expect and how to help your child through this set of procedures to restore his/her mouth. [Read More]