The Advantages Of Porcelain Crowns And Why You Should Consider Getting Them

If you have damaged, decayed or misshapen teeth, your dentist may recommend dental crowns as a form of treatment. Crowns can be made from different materials, such as ceramic, acrylic, and metal alloys, but porcelain crowns have become popular for the many advantages they offer. You'll likely agree that porcelain is your best crown material choice after you've learned more about its benefits. A Natural Look If you don't want your dental work to look obvious, porcelain dental crowns can blend in well with the shapes and colors of your natural teeth. [Read More]

Debunking Four Common Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth can have several adverse effects on a person's life. For instance, people with stained teeth are overly cautious of smiling or speaking freely. As a result, their stained teeth inhibit their ability to interact with other people confidently.  If you have stained teeth, you can opt for teeth whitening services. Professional teeth whitening services use lasers to remove the stain and restore your teeth's natural whiteness. Nonetheless, several misconceptions about teeth whitening discourage people from seeking the services. [Read More]

4 Signs Your Child Isn't Taking Good Care Of Their Braces

While your child might have agreed to take good care of their teeth and braces before their treatment started, they might not have stuck with the program. Some kids find it hard to get into the right routine and stick with it until their braces come off. If you aren't convinced that your child is taking their responsibilities seriously, then look for signs that they aren't cleaning their teeth and braces well. [Read More]

What Happens If You Need A Dental Crown During Your Invisalign Treatment?

The average treatment time for a patient using invisible braces such as Invisalign is 13.5 months. The required length of treatment will vary from person to person, and your orthodontist can tell you how long your particular case will need. But a lot can happen in those months. For example, what if one of your teeth should deteriorate to the point that you need to have a dental crown fitted over it? [Read More]